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Smooth Me Out Acne Spot Treatment Oil (5ml)


Combat acne spots with 100% active organic ingredients that are proven to heal your skin quickly, leaving beautiful, soft, clear skin. Smooth-me-out Spot Treatment Oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal abilities to destroy bacteria in the skin and speed up the healing process. With amazing combined power, all of the oils help to reduce inflammation and dissolve the dead skin cells so that you don’t have to worry about redness pointing at your acne like a big, blinking arrow! Instead, the natural spot solution will smooth out any inconsistencies and prevent future outbreaks from every getting in your way.


Apply topically onto treatment area at least 2 times a day after cleansing and toning. Apply more anytime of the day, before or after make-up. 

Skin Type:

- All Skin type



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