REJUVENATE {me} Drea{me}r Set


REJUVENATE {me} Drea{me}r Set


drea{me}r offers a selection of skincare solutions clinically proven to address fundamental skin concerns.

Pick a 15ml serum, between the Rejuvenate {me}, Brighten {me} and Clear & Mattify {me} formulas, and enjoy a complimentary 25ml toner with a drea{me}r pouch.

Rejuvenate {me} Serum (15ML) : Clears acne prone skin. Refines pores. Reduces acne scarring. 

Rejuvenate {me} Toner (25ML) : Purifies and Hydrates Skin. For Combination or Oily Skin.

Offer Contains

  1. 15ml Curated Serum
  2. 25ml Curated Toner
  3. Alche{me} Product Pouch

Recommended Skin Type:

Oily Skin - Ultra Light Texture
Dry to Combination Skin - Light Texture



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