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Radiant Preg Luxury Face Oil (30ml)


Designed specifically for the needs of pregnant women and sensitive skin, the Radiant Preg Luxury Face Oil combines 7 organic ingredients for a revitalizing experience that helps your skin find healing. Traumatized skin can be protected from common hormonal pregnancy skin problems like excess sebum, sensitivity, acne and brown spots with high doses of vitamin A, D, E, and omega 6 fatty acids. By blending rare, effective, and safe essential oil and organic ingredients, we have created one that is naturally anti-inflammatory, protect skin lipid and collagen, shields UV rays, and accelerate cellular regeneration. Best of all, the organic, all-natural formula was extensively researched and is safe for use after 1st trimester in pregnancy.


Mist face well with toner or water. Shake bottle lightly and pat 2-3 drops all over clean, moist face as a moisturizer. Use day & night. Luxury Oil is use in place of moisturizer and serum.Volume should last approximately 5-6 months for day & night usage.

Skin Type:

- Pregnancy

- Ultra Sensitive Skin

- Mature Skin( night time use )

- Dry Skin



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