Designer Feature: Stephanie and Jessica - Ratel

Geometrically Clean Lines.

That’s what I thought when I first set eyes on Ratel’s designs.
These are clothes that Ratel designers, Jessica and Stephanie would wear themselves, making them by default and also by choice their own best brand ambassadors.

Less is More.

Inspired by the wearability of Zara’s clothes and the modern slant of Balenciaga and Tory Burch, Ratel was created. More than just a business, this is a passion many years in the making for the pair of childhood friends and now co-founders.
Their philosophy of ‘Less is More’ sings in chord with my own for Moxie, where we believe that the details in the outfits will relegate the need for excessive accessorising.

Outfits for All Occasions.

I thank Ratel for solving my conundrum of switching outfits from work to play, day to night. This will mean more wardrobe capacity, which then again might be another conundrum in itself.
But since life is too short to be rattled by such complications, I shall put my faith with Ratel.



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