Moxie x Spotify: Work Hard, Play Harder.

The popular advice for millennials goes: "do what you love and you will not work a day in your life".  I say, "work with these 3 ladies from Spotify, and you will never work a day in your life."
With Jody’s knack for jokes, Sunita’s wit and Joanna’s charm, one wonders how they can get any work done at the office. Tread carefully though, these are no mere fun-loving ladies; they are extremely focused and driven in getting things done.

“If you want to inspire people, you have to inspire yourself”

As Jody’s finished her last sip of coffee, she shifted towards me and beamed, signalling that she’s ready to be interviewed. As we started off with some playful banter on which soccer team she idolizes, Jody reveals how she draws much of her inspiration from Sir Alex Ferguson, a former manager of Manchester United. “Creating a vision and understanding people’s motivations” are the key roles of a leader in guiding his/her team members to the right direction.
Through the cultivation of mutual respect and understanding, Jody sets the bar high and inspires those around her with her energy and positive attitude towards life.

Jody wears the Bouquet Blouse

 As someone who deals with numbers on a daily basis, the finance director is surprisingly perceptive towards arts and culture, even if that includes music from Jay Chou. Besides playing Qing Hua Ci on loop, Jody is beginning to play the piano and enjoys catching up on the various Ted Talks sessions available online.

“If you want to inspire people, you have to inspire yourself”, as Jody recalls the wisdom gained from one of the many motivational shows she has watched over the years. With a constant desire to improve and upgrade herself, Jody is certainly someone who leads by example. Her recognition of the people who have made a positive impact on her and the desire to return the favor has contributed to her eagerness to share her wealth of knowledge and wisdom. After the brief conversation, it is no surprise why she has those nuggets of wisdom up her sleeves.


“Don't be afraid; when in doubt, be fearless”

If Jody is the charming extrovert who loves chatting, Sunita is the elegant managing director who exudes radiance. In this day and age, change comes and goes as quickly as the waves. For Sunita, embracing change is what sets her apart from the rest. 

Sunita wears the Padova Bell Sleeve Dress (Black)

 “Everyone inspires me; and inspiration gained, is the inspiration for your next move." This is why she has continuously pushed herself out of her comfort zone, in hopes of spicing up her life with big and small changes.

Sunita wears the Arthropoda Off Shoulder Dress

“Singapore is definitely home for me” as she reminisces about the food and the stability in the country. As she comes back from her second outfit change and is distracted by one of Jody’s self deprecating jokes, Sunita quickly returns to interview mode and reverts back to her focused self. When asked about what advice she would give to millennials, she smiles and says “don’t be afraid when you’re in doubt, be fearless and you will figure out what you don’t want”. 

"It is never easy to make the difficult choice, but you have to take that leap of faith."

Born and bred in New York, Joanna’s delicate physique might come across as meek, but she definitely packs a punch. Joanna is highly passionate and ambitious. She has moved across continents, gaining knowledge and experiences from the different cultures, ensuring that she is continuously challenging herself. 

Despite owning 25 pairs of heels in Singapore (only) and being a big fan of fall layering, Joanna remains down to earth, owing her success to her mother, who is a successful entrepreneur. As she gently touches her jade bangle, the head of business marketing for APAC, recollects how perseverance played a big role in driving her success today. “It is important to think about how something makes sense for you, even if it is difficult”.

As the ladies gathered for their group shots, I saw a band of comrades, shoulder to shoulder, smile to smile. They can be dressed in power suits and high heels, but they warmed our hearts with their humility and compassion.

Borrowing Sunita’s wise words,“we have to look forward and embrace the change together”.
The humdrum of work may have tarnished the glint of our dreams, but like Your Daily Mix on Spotify, these 3 ladies have helped me rediscover the Moxie spirit like that forgotten favorite tune of old.

All outfits and styling by Moxie.
Venue Sponsored by Nosh @ Rochester Park.
Photography by Rebecca Ten



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