Moxie: Femininity with an Edge

It is any girl’s dream to shop for a living. Cheryl, the founder of Moxie is living the dream. Curating for Moxie is both a personal and professional endeavour. 

To many, curation is a science backed by statistics and numbers. However, Cheryl begs to differ - Curation is Creation. It is an art in itself. “How do decide what I bring into Moxie? Many people ask me this question but I don’t have an answer for them. For me, there’s really no hard and fast rule. I follow my heart and go with my instincts when it comes to picking the choices for Moxie”, says Cheryl. The art here is being able to strike a delicate balance between buying what Cheryl likes, and what she thinks the customer likes. "If I had it my way, Moxie would be filled with florals and lace", chuckles Cheryl. As a result, Moxie is really an art created and produced by Cheryl and its customers, who contribute to the totality of the brand itself.

The typical process of curation at Moxie involves Cheryl handpicking pieces from a large selection of brands. From local to overseas designers, each piece of Moxie clothing is specially selected to reflect the brand’s aesthetic of femininity with an edge.

Why "femininity with an edge"? Doesn’t it sound a little contradictory? Do a quick synonym check and you will see "Moxie" alongside courage, panache and gusto. For Cheryl, the name Moxie holds significance for her in terms of both style and substance. Usually seen in one of Moxie’s feminine dresses paired with studded espadrilles, or a black choker, Cheryl is the epitome of Moxie’s style.
Apart from embracing the Moxie style, starting Moxie was a challenge in itself as Cheryl had to “overcome her fear of failure” to launch the brand. She decided to name her brand Moxie as it represents the force of character, determination and nerve which are qualities that she wishes to uphold throughout her journey with Moxie.
As the lauded poet Suzy Kassem says - "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will". Art is a struggle. A constant tug of war between one’s expression and reality. Moxie is an artistic creation fuelled by passion and a desire to add value to the reality as it is.



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