Meet Our New Lifestyle Brands

Here at Moxie, we believe in living a holistic lifestyle and so we’ve been working hard on bringing together some organic brands that emulate this as well. They are slightly different from the dresses and accessories we have been curating so far – read on to find out more!
We have Mandy T Skincare, a bath and body label; Ashley & Co, a modern day botanical scent company; FrankSkincare, an organic indie skin care line; and ANIA Skincare, a skincare company that is inspired by Africa's ancient wisdom. Here’s a little introduction to the new members of our Moxie family, available in-store at Mandarin Gallery #03-23 and Paragon #03-54!

Mandy T Skincare

Established in 2013, Mandy T Skincare is the brainchild of Mandy Leena Tan, a former Director of Marketing and Membership at the prestigious Tower Club Singapore. She started Mandy T Skincare to cater to a growing segment of customers who were conscious of the content and quality of the ingredients that went into the products they used. This was one of the many factors that propelled Mandy T Skincare onto the global stage – the brand has been featured in prominent local and international titles such as Vogue France, Style Germany, Condé Nast, Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, The Business Times & many more.

“Over the years, I found myself disappointed by many skincare products that claim to be natural but yet use synthetic dyes, parabens, animal testing or petrochemicals in their products.”

- Mandy Tan, founder of Mandy T Skincare
A self-taught abstract painter, potter and origami artist, Mandy’s hands-on approach to life was inspired by her mother who was exceptionally crafty with her hands. She personally mixes and sources for the natural ingredients she uses in Mandy T Skincare’s products, such as lavender from the Provence region in France, and honey from Sydney in Australia. There’s no mistaking this when you use one of her products – the body scrubs are raw yet luxurious, and the scents from her body creams smell fresh and organic.
The handcrafted approach Mandy takes means that apart from the regular product line that she creates for Mandy T Skincare, she is also available for bespoke bodycare projects for special occasions like weddings or corporate events. You may personalise the product labels with your guests’ names to creating an entirely new skincare blend from scratch to ensure a truly unique scent experience. We’ve heard many of our customers sing praises about the scent she carries, and how easily her body creams are absorbed into the skin. Come on in and try it out for yourself!

Ashley & Co

Ashley & Co is a modern day botanical scent brand hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. Founded more than 10 years ago by husband and wife duo, Ben and Jackie Ashley, the brand has built a reputation for their beautiful and functional products for the home.
All of Ashley & Co’s products are created, produced, and designed in New Zealand. By doing so, they reduce their carbon footprint and ensure that every product is one they can be wholeheartedly proud of. Their packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable, and their Waxed Perfume candle is made using materials from ethical and sustainable sources. They also encourage customers to reuse their packaging in new and innovative ways in order to reduce waste.

“If you have a scent you love, it can become part of your everyday both at home and away.”

- Jackie Ashley, co-founder of Ashley & Co
Their range may be small, but diverse – just six carefully curated scents across their variety of candles, body products, and diffusers - making it easy to incorporate your favourite scent into your every day. Reflecting the high quality of their products, so a little goes a long way for the scents that they carry – a waxed perfume candle from them doesn’t have to be burned for long before it envelopes your entire room in its mesmerising scent.
The clean, contemporary designs, refined scent formulations coupled with the high quality of their products, shines through and has been recognised by people all over. The brand has grown from a home scent company to a lifestyle brand, with their products being used everywhere from homes to stores and even co-working spaces.

Frank Skincare

FrankSkincare is a no-nonsense organic skincare brand that offers effective benefits. Made and formulated in Singapore, it prides itself in providing small batches of 100% organic skin care solutions. Founder Cissy Chen, started FrankSkincare in April 2015 due to the difficulties she faced in finding suitable choices for her skincare preferences. It caters to those who are drawn to transparency – it is completely honest with the ingredients used and it aims to turn people over to a toxic-free skincare routine.

“I had been developing the products for a year prior to the launch because I felt like I was running out of choices for my own personal skincare.”

 - Cissy Chen, Founder of FrankSkincare
Of course, there are many beauty and skincare brands that claim to be organic. So how do consumers know that they’re getting what they’re paying for? With FrankSkincare, you can be rest assured. All of FrankSkincare’s products adhere to international organic certification like United States Department of Agriculture Organic, United Kingdom Soil Association and Australian Certified Organic.
How it differentiates itself from its international competitors lie in the special formulation for all its products, tweaked and perfected for Singapore’s tropical climate and the skin concerns that come along with it. Face oil has a reputation for being heavy and cumbersome to use, often leaving an unpleasant residue that does not bode well for our humid climate. However, you get none of that with FrankSkincare. We tested the Radiant Preg Luxury Face Oil, and from our first use, we found that the oils melt into your skin quickly, and the results are visible as soon as a day after using! With such glowing results, FrankSkincare is a guilt-free brand after our own hearts.

ANIA Skincare

Last but not the least, the latest addition to our roster of lifestyle brands is ANIA.
ANIA Skincare specialises in using a bespoke blend of science and Africa’s most potent and unaltered natural ingredients to produce safe, non-toxic skincare.
ANIA Skincare was founded out of a disconnect from the global beauty market that values excess. Its founders, Moroccan Mehdi Elaichouni and Singaporean Fern Lee, worked for several years on some of the largest skin care brands. After seeing first-hand the skincare industry’s moral and ethical crisis that manifests in the form of animal testing, synthetic ingredients and confusing proprietary formulas, they decided to start ANIA Skincare and create simple and effective products that are designed to last.

“The inspiration for ANIA came from my childhood in Africa. It is a diverse continent with an amazing variety of wildlife, habitats, climates and civilizations. By the time I was 10, I had already lived in Morocco, Sudan and Egypt — moving with my family every few years following my father's work with the United Nations.”

 - Mehdi Elaichouni, co-founder of ANIA Skincare
ANIA Skincare uses the most powerful ingredients from remote, untouched regions in Africa to provide high-quality skincare products to the world. These ingredients are time-tested and are combined with safe synthetics and botanicals to produce the cleanest formulations possible. In return, they give back to the communities that helped them create the products in the first place, by facilitating prosperity in the communities they source from and breaking the cycle of poverty.
We tried out the Pure Argan Oil, which provides head to toe hydration, and the Rose Immortelle Mist, which tones and hydrates. With the mist, the gentle scent of rose is not too cloying, and a few sprays are enough to calm your skin after a long day of work. The argan oil absorbs quickly into the skin and truly hydrates dry skin, especially around the hands and elbows.
ANIA Skincare is a proud cruelty-free brand. They have ensured that they do not test on animals in any country, nor do their raw material suppliers, formulators or manufacturers. Now that’s what we call responsibility!
Shop Mandy T Skincare, Ashley & Co, FrankSkincare, and ANIA Skincare at both Moxie stores: Mandarin Gallery #03-23 and Paragon Tower 2 #03-54 now!



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