Discover your island spirit with Rumpunch

Sipping on a cocktail, easing into a rattan chair, that’s the island life we all dream of. Even with sunglasses, one cannot help but notice a bold splash of colours on the white washed beach.“Mix of silhouettes, colours and my unique sense of style, that’s how RUMPUNCH stands out,” Rukshika Seneviratne, founder and designer of RUMPUNCH says with confidence. 



What started out as a love for the sea and tropical lifestyle was combined with Rukshika’s background as a fashion designer. Mind you, not just any designer, but a swimwear designer and not just your run-of-the-mill label. “Working on the Victoria's Secret account gave me a solid technical base with hands-on experience in design and product development,” she says.




That deep product knowledge also means RUMPUNCH is not just that one (or two) piece of swimsuit you will get, but THE piece of activewear that you will ever need. Instead of describing what that means, Rukshika will show you how that can be during our Moxie Paragon x RUMPUNCH event on 28 September at 7pm.


You will also experience confidence in her design with the chic cutting and edgy geometric zigzag prints, like that of her latest collection - Mexicano. “I drew inspiration from the vibrant, energetic and exotic streets of Mexico,” explains Rukshika, who is constantly on a lookout for new elements on her travels.



Amidst the ocean of swimwear brands, RUMPUNCH is indeed a blend of bold flavours, much like the cocktail it was named after. “I want my customers to seas the day and stay sunny,” quips 
Rukshika, and that’s exactly what we at Moxie want for our first swimwear brand.



If you're having a dilemma on what to order at the beach, we at Moxie have a simple answer:

Who needs Mojito when you can Rumpunch - a pretty cocktail that actually tastes as good as it looks.





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