Designer Feature: Ying The Label

Imagine a world where landscapes are made of watercolours, where they celebrate Holi (India's festival of Colour) as a way of life. For Li Ying, Creative Designer of Ying the Label, Art is life. 

To make art or to make a living, sadly the two rarely conflates and that sums up the life of an artist. Even so, Ying stays true to her style in the constant flux of fashion. The exuberant, albeit sometimes quirky style shines bright like a sunflower in a field of weed. 
From paint brush to needle, from canvas to fabric, Ying uses advanced digital printing technology to transfer her masterful strokes into fabric. “No two pieces are similar due to the painting and printing”, which truly makes Ying one of a kind.
"I get inspired from my travels as I experience diverse cultures," shares Ying. This reminds me of my own trip to Japan, where I saw artisanal tea cups made by hand. Then it dawned upon me. In today's world of mass production and uniformity, we willingly pay for uniqueness and authenticity. The imperfection is much like our personality; we are not perfect but that makes us who we are. 

 With Ying's own label, the fabric is now her canvas and that makes you the wearer, a walking work of art. However, it is not all about her creative expression, but yours too. Li Ying offers different silhouettes and fabrics for you to customise. Ask Lloyd’s Inn, Bynd Artisan and Majestic Hotel (photo above), and you will know that while Li Ying takes pride in her work, she does not let her ego stifle any potential collaboration. 

“Make mistakes along the way, but never make it twice. Be out there, and be humble,"

proclaims Ying. Like Kendrick Lamar, I find her honesty very compelling. It may seem jarring at first, but if you're patient enough, you may get it after all. 



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