Bespoke & Conscious Skincare

Alche{me}, a bespoke & conscious skincare brand, offers potent formulations addressing each and every woman's specific skin needs in order to enhance their beauty swiftly & effortlessly.

Co-founders, Tuyen Lamy and Constance Mandefield, have more than a decade of experience at renowned global brands in the skincare industry combined. They were inspired to develop Alche{me} by listening to women who were questioning their tedious & complicated skin care regimen. 

"Our brand was born out of the belief that our skincare routine could be made simple and effective, if products were tailored to each person’s unique needs. That’s why each bottle is formulated individually, to ensure that every ingredient that goes on your skin is exactly what you need." Tuyen and Constance explained. 

We believe that skincare should do good, feel good, be good and be adapted to every woman's specific needs. So, our curated products are formulated specifically for one’s living in hot and urban tropical weather. Their products are light textures, which absorb quickly. They are made with the finest botanical extracts & vitamins with proven dermatological results.

For Alche{me}, “Conscious Skincare” is a global concept. It means being conscious of what you put on your skin and how those ingredients are derived, which can lead to smarter and more sustainable decisions.

Plus points of Alche{me} products: 
  • They are made with traceable natural ingredients and do not contain PEG, parabens, sulfates, phenoxyethanol, silicones, mineral oils, or animal derived ingredients.
  • They are vegan and cruelty-free
  • The packaging is recyclable. Carbon footprint is reduced by formulating and producing in Singapore, made -to-order to limit wastage and to maximize efficiency of the products.

At Moxie, you can shop for alche{me}’s curated range. Make it yours today. Simply start by identifying your key skin concern. Then, move forward to choose your texture and fragrance and you're good to go! 

We would recommend the ultra-light texture for oily skin types. Alche{me}’s signature fragrance has a sweet yet fresh scent of Japanese watermelon whereas the fragrance-free version would have an earthy and herbal scent of ginseng.

To top it off, the skincare range by Alche{me} has gotten the stamp of approval from leading women's magazines Women's Weekly and Cleo. Don't wait any longer, solve your skin problems with Alche{me} now! 



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