A Day In The Life Of Mom

Hi lovelies! To all the supermoms in the world today, 

Happy Mother's Day!

Let me introduce myself. This is C from Team Moxie, and this year has truly been an eye-opening experience for me. Just before the start of 2018, my husband and I found out that we are going to be bringing new life into the world. I can't believe I'm going to be a mom myself! 
I've just hit my third trimester and as I step into a new chapter of my life soon, I thought it'd be nice to envision what my weekend life would be like once the baby is out. 
It's 9am on a Saturday and we spend some time cuddling under the covers, then head out to a cafe nearby for an alfresco breakfast. I throw on a simple outfit of a slip dress for breakfast, nothing too fussy or difficult.
Weekends are precious quality time with my family, so we try and make it a point to do a fun activity every week. We love connecting back with nature at Botanic Gardens; it always manages to give us a refreshing outlook for the new week ahead. Plus, it also means exercise for the little one. Just don’t forget to pack the water bottle and wet tissues, and wear some lightweight clothing for yourself!
After our energetic tyke has had her fun in the sun, we return home to clean up before meeting up with the grandparents for a family lunch. We believe it’s important to keep her relationship with her grandparents close, and these weekend lunches are our way of preserving family ties. She always has lots of fun being the centre of attention of her grandparents :) 
I don on something comfortable and presentable; I’m meeting my parents and in-laws after all.
 After lunch, it’s back to either of the grandparents’ house for more play as she’s usually unwilling to leave them just yet, giving us parents a bit more time to relax and unwind amongst our loved ones, before we head off for dinner. 
While it's extremely fulfilling to raise a child, we've been advised by friends that it's important to remember to have couple time. So, my hubby and I have made a pact to organise date night once a week. We head out to a nice restaurant where we can catch up with each other on our busy week. A lace dress is great for these occasions and gives me an opportunity to dress up a bit - which I love! 
 After dinner, we pick up our child from our parents' place and get home by 9pm or so in order to put our little angel to bed on time. 
Being a mother is not easy and every mother walks a different journey. There's this saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." I never truly understood it until I started preparing for motherhood myself and saw how my friends and family were willing to help out in every way possible. 
If you're a mom yourself, I would like to take this chance to let you know that you are worth it, and not to forget to take time out to pamper yourself and recharge! 
To everyone else, I hope you'll reach for your phone today not to get your faces glued onto the various social media platforms, but to give your lovely mother a phone call and tell her you love her. Sometimes, the smallest things make the biggest difference and we believe that sincere and heartfelt words mean more than any gift ever would. 



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