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Bespoke & Conscious Skincare

Alche{me}, a bespoke & conscious skincare brand, offers potent formulations addressing each and every woman's specific skin needs in order to enhance their beauty swiftly & effortlessly.

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Discover your island spirit with Rumpunch

Sipping on a cocktail, easing into a rattan chair, that’s the island life we all dream of. Even with sunglasses, one cannot help but notice a bold splash of colours on the white washed beach.“Mix of silhouettes, colours and my unique sense of style, that’s how RUMPUNCH stands out,” Rukshika Seneviratne, founder and designer of RUMPUNCH says with confidence. 

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The Moxie Girl: Naomi Yeo

Avid radio listeners will recognise the name Naomi Yeo. For non-avid listeners, close your eyes and rely on your ears, and you will have the same epiphany as we did. With Naomi, we are putting the face to the voice.

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An Inspiring Night At Paragon's Grand Opening

Hey lovelies! As you may have seen on our social media, Moxie recently held a Grand Opening for our Paragon store! (at Paragon’s Tower 2, #03-54!) The night was filled with good vibes, friends, family, and love. We’d like to share a little bit of that magic with you!     The highlight of the night was definitely our Goals Rack!     It was inspiring to watch you lovely ladies reflect on your aspirations, penning them down and adorning the rack with many positive thoughts that motivated everyone in Team Moxie. The one that caught our eye was one beautifully illustrated one that said, simply, “Live, love, laugh”. Cliché as it may seem, it reminded us to embrace the...

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